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Quick Pallet Maker

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Quick Pallet Maker
Mac OS X, English
Quick Pallet Maker is a software designed for package designer and logistic professionals. It allows calculating the dimension of each package so as to fit to the container's capacity.

Key Features

Calculation: Quick Pallet Maker is provided with a specific helpful option, to be-used before loading packages into a container. It consists of complex features for calculating the ideal dimension of each item so as to fit the latter's capacity.

Container fill: Quick Pallet Maker also assists the user in organizing multiple-sized objects in a container. It takes into account the dimension of each box and suggests the way how they should be heap up so as the whole cargo gets in.

Optimizing costs: what makes this program interesting is that it allows optimizing costs. Indeed, it indicates the user how large each pallet should be so as to get a maximum number loaded into a single cargo.


Quick Pallet Maker is practical and includes various advanced options so as to fit to different situations of pallets loading.
Another version compatible with Windows platforms is available on the developers' website.


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