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Translation Pad

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Translation Pad
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 7 - English

Translation Pad is a translation tool using Internet connection. It supports a huge range of translation options such as English to French, Spanish to English and more.

Key Features


As it is working thanks Internet connection, it can support various languages. It can perform different translation processes. It is possible, for example, to translate English to German, French to Italian and Spanish to Portuguese.

Clipboard and saving option

When he wants to translate a specific text, the user just has to copy it to the clipboard and then paste it on the field intended for that. After, the translated element can be obtained and saved in text format.

Display and handling

Translation Pad is an easy-to-use program. Major functions are accessible from the main screen. The user has just to select the appropriate language pair, the source and the output. Then, a click on the translate icon is enough to obtain the result.


  • Translation Pad has a user-friendly and sleek interface.
  • Its installation file size only weighs 585 KB.


  • This version can only be used for 10 days.
Alternative spelling: transpad-2.14.exe, transpad.exe
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