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PerfectSpeed PC Optimizer

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2.0 Build 112
PerfectSpeed PC Optimizer
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 - English
For maintenance of the computer and its performance optimization, PerfectSpeed PC Optimizer offers a powerful repairer of errors, an efficient security system and a registry cleaner.

Main features

Scan: once installed, PerfectSpeed PC Optimizer launches an analysis throughout the system to detect what may slow the system. The pro-gram looks for invalid entries, temporary files and unnecessary files that cause its slowdown.

Cleaning: After all the errors were detected, this program offers a detailed re-port showing all the things that need to be fixed. It proposes the user to fix them in just few clicks.

Protection: for a secure connection and protection of sensitive data, the pro-gram takes care to empty the cache and remove the history of navigation and online discussions. It clears also all traces of web sites visited and the files consulted during a given period of time.

Configuration: Advanced options included in PerfectSpeed PC Optimiz-er figure Task Scheduler that gives the possibility to program the speed of execution and the time of beginning of each task.


Built-in duplicate file search option.


This is an evaluation version.


Alternative spelling: perfectspeed-2.0 Build 112.exe, perfectspeed.exe
Latest update on June 15, 2015 at 07:23 AM.
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