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Folder Teint

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Folder Teint
Mac OS X, English
Changing the appearance of folders on a computer may increase performance in work. To perform this kind of task, a specific tool such as Folder Teint is required.

Key Features

Customization: with Folder Teint, the user is able to change the color of folder icons on a Mac. The user can configure at will the brightness, saturation and contrast in order to achieve the desired tone.

Modification process: what sets this program apart from other tools of its genre is its ability to make changes both in a single folder or on several ones simultaneously. Note that the user can select only certain subfolders.

Cancellation: Folder Teint has an option to go back and delete changes. To do this, the user simply has to click on the button dedicated to this task. This feature is useful in case of dissatisfaction of the result.


Folder Teint is proposed to the user as free download.

Its graphical and sleek interface is designed facilitate users' task in handling the application.

It can be essential to change Mac's folder icon and customize it.


This program is not available in other languages but English.


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Latest update on December 26, 2014 at 06:39 AM.

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