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Database Workbench Pro

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Database Workbench Pro
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 7 - English

Database Workbench Pro is a software which was developed by Upscene Productions. This tool offers the user the possibility to create and edit databases. Here are the details.

Key features

Designing: The software offers the user several tools to help him creating a model. He can design two types which are conceptual and physic. This tool can extract the data in order to display the tables for an overview.

Editing: Database Workbench Pro has various editing modules allowing the user to make some modification on the file. He can for instance use the code folding tool in order to collapse comments and have a sight of his code.

Transfer: The program has a Datapump option enabling the user to quickly transfer data from a base to another. The user is also offered the possibility to import and export large file which goes up to 2 GB when needed.


Database Workbench Pro supports database systems such as Oracle, MSQL Server, Firebird and so on.

It enables the user to compare one database to another.


This is a trial version.

Alternative spelling: DBWorkbench5ProTrial-5.1.4.exe, DBWorkbench5ProTrial.exe
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