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Cabri 3D

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Cabri 3D
Mac OS X - English
Who wants to learn three-dimensional geometry easily? Cabri 3D is there to help teachers and students in the assimilation of this subject for it is more visual and practical.

Key features

Creation: Cabri 3D offers the possibility for teachers and students to create 2D and 3D figures. With all the motions that can be made, exercises, activities, lessons and all the related tasks could be more easily explained and understood.

Numeric and geometric tools: The program has many tools for constructing figures from the simplest to the complex one. The user can for instance use measurements and calculations tools or objects like pyramids, cylinders and cones.

Graphics: In Cabri 3D, the user can insert in the graphics different elements. He can for example add texts, colors and so on. Instead of using a pen, a simple mouse click can do the job. Graphics can also be printed.

Animation: Animation is also a possibility in this software. The user can make various elements move by simply clinking and holding the mouse, and then drag the elements to the side he wants it to move.


Cabri 3D has an online tutorial for helping the user in the construction of different figures.

It is available in many languages.


This is a demo version of Cabri 3D.


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