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iPhoto Library Manager

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iPhoto Library Manager
Mac OS X, English
Photos scattered on a Mac OS are sometimes annoying. A solution for this is to use iPhoto Library Manager. It integrates with iPhoto and helps you manage images on Mac correctly.

Key Features

  • Picture management: we may tend to download and import a lot of images without storing them in their right place. iPhoto Library Manager is a module for iPhoto for Mac OS. It provides good storage images on Mac. With this tool, it is much easier to manage photos messing up on your computer. To do this, it creates multiple image libraries.
  • Print photos with related information: iPhoto Library Manager can copy as many images as you want while keeping information about them. It can keep keywords, subtitles or comments, and many still others.
  • Getting started: iPhoto Library Manager is easy to handle. Its use does not require special knowledge. In addition, it is convenient since it enables synchronization with iPod.


  • The software is lightweight.


  • This trial version is only valid for a few days.


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