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Using a program like CaRMetal makes creating geometric figures that will be inserted in a math exercise easy. The software is featured with all the needed tools for such task.

Main features

Creation: CaRMetal gives the possibility to create all kinds of geometrical figures such as circles, segments, or quadrangles. Specified drawing tools are available on the toolbar.
Edition: once the creation is finished, the user can do personalization as he needs. This mainly concerns color, settling on a displayed coordinate system, or the shape of points used.
Insertion: Plus, carMetal allows creating and integrating math functions on the previously created figure. One only has to go through selecting the "insert equation" command on the toolbar and entering the appropriate equality.
Programming: this software includes as well an option for creating Macros. This consists of assigning predefined actions to keyboard key combination in order to make the user's task easier.


CaRMetal is available for free download.


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Alternative spelling: carmetal-3.8.7.dmg, carmetal.dmg

Latest update on June 3, 2015 at 02:00 AM.

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