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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, English
GrafX2 is a drawing tool program that is mostly used by video creators. With its 256 colors, tools, effects and menus, it is a conventional drawing application which enables to create an impressive work.

Key features

Paintbrush: The user needs this tool for starting the drawing process. There are several choices that he can make like selecting the shape of this paintbrush. Some of the size of the available paintbrushes can also be changed.

Screen size: GrafX2 has an option where the size of the image and its resolution are adjustable. The image size can be edited up to 9999x9999. The software also enables the user to copy a video mode's dimensions to the image's.

Safeguard: The user can save the picture in a drive. He can choose a file format and add name to the image. Comments can be typed on the picture of PKM or PNG format and they will also be saved in the file.


GrafX2 is completely downloadable for free.

It has a dual view mode where zoomed and actual size can be seen and drawn.


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