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CopyPaste Pro

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CopyPaste Pro
Mac OS X - English
Plum Amazing has created Copy Paste Pro in order to let Mac users manage their clipboards. It helps keeping history, editing clips, creating archives and many other features.

Key features

Editing clip: The program offers the user several tools for editing clip which are visible in the clip palettes icon. He can for instance change the order by drag and dropping, lock or unlock it for better protection or delete it.

Clip history: Copy Paste Pro is able of automatically save the clip history. The user can easily have access and even modify its parameters in the preferences icon. Generally it shows the twenty most recent histories but he can change it.

Clip archive: What differs archive from history is that archive is more permanent. The user has the possibility to copy text from a document and paste it in the archive. This is mainly done by using the command keys "c" and "v".


Copy Paste Pro lets the user view clip in multiple ways, via the menu or the graphical browser.

It also has many clip tools allowing to insert text, time, date and so on.


This is a trial version.
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