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Nisus Writer Express

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Nisus Writer Express
Mac OS X - English

Nisus Writer Express is a word processing program designed for Mac. It includes all necessary functions and offers the ability to import and export texts to and from other formats.

Key Features

Word processing

Nisus Writer Express includes functions for editing and entering texts with the ability to choose font type and size, change font colors and background. It also supports various special symbols and characters.


This program is available in various languages including Hebrew, Chinese and Japanese, to name just a few. It can automatically detect the language and offers assistance in grammar and spelling correction. It also supports multiple kinds of writing.


Nisus Writer Express is compatible with other word processing software. It supports Microsoft Word, HTML and Open Office documents. Not only is it possible to import these kinds of items but also to export created files to these formats. Export to PDF format is also possible.


  • This tool includes a feature for creating custom tables.
  • It contains a feature for finding and replacing a specific word in a given text.


  • This trial version is valid for 15 days.
Alternative spelling: NWX-v346.dmg
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