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The ToonIt! Photo for Aperture

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The ToonIt! Photo for Aperture
Mac OS X - English

The ToonIt! Photo is a plug-in that can turn still images from Aperture and Photoshop into cartoons. Styles, outlines and shading are playing a great role for the best output.

Key Features

  • Details in faces and figures: after inserting the image to the program, The ToonIt! Photo then touches all details of the human face and form. Facial features and expressions are taken into account so that the output can be very near to the real one.
  • Cartoon effects: the user is still allowed to adjust some settings and change effects. For instance, the can pick up the Airbrushed highlight, Brush painting or Anarchy Ink to change the appearance of the cartoon.
  • Graphic novel: with a series of pictures appearing chronologically as output, it enables to create a graphic novel or a photo series. There is an option that adds conversation via word bubble to the image so that it can speak to viewers.


  • The ToonIt! Photo can generate cartoon effect automatically.
  • It avoids tiring processes of rotoscoping or painting.
  • It offers a function that is hard to master on other famous applications.


  • This is a demo version.
Alternative spelling: toonit_266_AP-2.6.2.dmg, toonit_266_AP.dmg
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