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2.0.1 (latest version)
Windows XP, Windows Vista, English
The application is offering an entire Agile Project Management System. Indeed, SpiraPlan can manage releases, iterations, requirements, tasks and issues in one environment that is fully synchronized.

Key Features

  • Management: as told above, the application can manage requirements, resource, and projects and build management. For the project, each board has a dashboard home-page that gathers detailed information about a project. For the resource management, users are allowed to schedule the team members and to load balance.
  • Release planning: SpiraPlan can give users the ability to manage the list of releases and versions of the software. Being able to estimate resources, the application also allows to plan out the team size needed. You can also define the size of the project team.
  • Printable reports: integrated with project summary dashboards, users can have their reports printed or stored in an exclusive library. You can customize them through extensible XML based report templates and in MS-Word, MS-Excel, HTML, Adobe Acrobat and MS-Project file formats.
  • Other features: apart from these special features, it is worth to note that, SpiraPlan is integrated with powerful IDEs, bug tracking solution, iteration and sprint planning features. It is also possible to browse linked source code repositories such as files and revisions.


  • SpiraPlan is a full-featured tool.
  • It supports Extreme Programming (XP), Scrum, DSDM and Agile Unified Process (AUP)


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