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Aqua Data Studio

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12.0 (latest version)
Aqua Data Studio
Windows XP Windows Vista - English

Providing an integrated database with a single interface for connecting to databases, Aqua Data Studio is an advanced SQL editor for creating, editing and executing SQL scripts. It is used by 300,000 IT professionals in more than 90 countries.

Key Features

  • FluidShell: this is an interactive database shell giving the users the ability to automate the transformation, the extraction and loading of data from within a single shell. It includes different functionality such as alias commands, variable substitution, pipelines, command substitution, input/output redirection and command history.
  • Big Data Performance: improved for this latest version; this feature enables an impressive performance gain that is working with large amounts of data using optimized code algorithms and UI components.
  • Query and analysis tool: integrated with a query and analysis tool, Aqua Data Studio allows its users to connect to any database server and at the same time execute SQL Queries. For the query analyzer window, you just have to press Ctrl+Q.
  • Import and export: thanks to this tool, it is possible to exchange data between a database and external files. For every user, this enhances the performance of data load operations on production databases.


  • Aqua Data Studio is a full-featured application.
  • User-friendly intuitive interface.


  • It only offers 14days of trial.
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