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Aba Daba Deluxe

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Aba Daba Deluxe
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 - English

Aba Daba Deluxe is quite similar to the traditional Gomuku game. Gomuku is a Japanese name meaning globally “lining up pieces five by five”. You can play it on your computer since it has been modernized a lot.

Key Features

  • Gomoku: called Gobang, Noughts and Crosses, Five in a Row, paper and game and other names, the game is said to have originated in China under the name of Wu Zi Qi. The goal of the game is to get an unbroken row of five stones horizontally, diagonally or vertically.
  • Game levels: even if the paper and game and other Gomoku game do not offer kinds of levels, Aba Daba Deluxe does offer different skill levels. This is aiming at letting gamers choose the level corresponding to their capability and skill.
  • Sounds: integrated with an unusual design and a user-friendly interface, getting started is not a problem. Aba Daba Deluxe is also providing nice sounds and attractive music so as to make the game more entertaining and exciting.
  • Help file: the editor offers a detailed on-line help for all gamers. If you want to quickly restart or hide the game, you can press the right mouse button or the Esc key. You can play on full screen or on a window, save and load game.


  • Aba Daba Deluxe is a very entertaining game.
  • It is easy to install and uninstall.
  • Integrated with an undo and redo possibilities.
  • It is multilingual.


  • Nothing to report.
Alternative spelling: abadabadeluxe-1.31.exe, abadabadeluxe.exe
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