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UltraDefrag 64 bit

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UltraDefrag 64 bit
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 7 - English
A fragmented hard disk is a source of bugs in a computer. This kind of problem can be solved with the use of a defragmentation software such as UltraDefrag 64 bit.

Main features

Scan: Once integrated inside the operating system, UltraDefrag 64 bit will launch an analysis to determine the hard disk fragmentation rate. By the end of the scan, the fragmented parts will be highlighted in a different color.

Defragmentation: The main feature of this program is to re-establish fragmented disks. One just has to press the "Defragment" button, and from then, the roll-out of process can be monitored from the scrolling bar.

Planification: The defragmentation operation can be programmed to be automatically executed. This can be done from the system task manager, and the operation will be scheduled to start the next time the computer will be started.

Optimization: UltraDefrag 64 bit can increase the computer's performance by reorganizing the organization of files on the hard drive. This, as result, will speed the processing time when launching a task.


This programs offers the possibility to selectively defragment the location occupied by a file or a folder.


UltraDefrag 64 bit's graphic interface is only available in English.
Alternative spelling: ultradefrag-6.1.0.bin.amd64.exe, ultradefrag.0.bin.amd64.exe
Latest update on June 1, 2015 at 04:09 AM.
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