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Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, English
MojoPac allows to install Windows XP easily (Pro or Family) on an USB key 2.0 works on the following supports:
- Any external storage device (external Hard disks USB and USB keys)
- Any USB 2.0 storage device (iPod, MP3s, and Phones)

In fact, it virtualize Windows XP system on USB key, I explain:
- When we would like want launch XP, it launches it in a new window where we can do everything without touching the true XP. It is also interesting to bring its one's applications on USB key and launch them on another PC.

System Requirements:
- Windows XP is necessary for the installation
- At least 32MB for installation and applications files
- At least a 120MB storage is recommended to install applications on the storage device (eg: MS office 2003, 600MB, iTunes+QuickTime, 110MB)
- I recommend 2GB or more for a good use.

This software is free for a personal use.


Alternative spelling: MojoPacInstaller.exe
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