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Zip Lock is a program for encrypting compressed files and for protecting them against unauthorized access, copying and piracy.

Key Features

Zip Lock offers a complete and reliable protection for Zip files to fight against any unauthorized access. It uses a powerful encryption algorithm making it nearly impossible to hack even using a powerful cracker program. This program suggests storing ZIP archives into a Zip-Lock-Bag which access is password-protected. Only people who detain the right password can enter this protected area and view its content. When it comes to decrypt protected data, the user just has to open the Zip-lock-bag and inserts password. He then defines the output folder where to store the decrypted file and the software performs the rest of the unlocking process.


Zip Lock is downloadable for free.

It is 100% safe and viruses free.

The locking process can be seen on the main interface with percentage and progression bar.

This latest version has been integrated with new features and bugs are corrected.


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Latest update on September 23, 2016 at 12:08 PM.
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