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Windows XP - English

WinUAE is an Amiga emulator for Windows.
This emulator allows to make this tremendous machine work again by emulating the exact interface of amiga, the workbench (if you possess it).

Once installed, you must have kickstart ( the rom) and configure the various settings, RAM, the capacity of one or several virtual hard disks...

It will be even possible to read virtual diskettes in .adf format and to install also the workbench system 3.1 on your virtual hard disk.

The functioning is very fast and friendly, here is a small example with screen shot (Workbench OS 3.9 installed and personalized):

It would be better to remind you that it is not only a game console but it allows you to draw, for example, in 3D with lightwave, compose music, type text, and many other applications.

Interface of Kickstart 2.0 interface without installation of the workbench (OS) on a virtual hard disk:

Alternative spelling: nstallWinUAE1530.exe
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