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One of the inconvenient of using Firefox is that we cannot open different account in a single browser. Multifox is a tool allowing Firefox to connect to websites using different user names. This extension is a Grand Prize Winner.

Key Features

Getting started remains trouble-free. Once you have completed the downloading and running of the application, you will have to select the command and a new window will be opened to you. Multifox offers commands in context menus of links and bookmarks and in file menu. The identity profile that can be opened is up to 5 and depending of the number of account that you have in a given website. Every time you open a window, it is immediately flagged with a number that is indicating the identity profile. For instance, you can open as many Gmail accounts as you want without changing the Web Browser or launching a private browsing. The application preserved logins and identity profile of each opened window. There is no doubt; you can use the application as one of your favorite applications. You can configure Mutlifox to be accessed from the menu bar.


  • Mutlifox can be one of your favorite add-ons.
  • The application has an intuitive and easy to use interface.
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