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ImageShack Uploader

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ImageShack Uploader
Mac OS X, English
ImageShack is becoming more and more well-known among Internet users. ImageShack Uploader is a program for uploading pictures on ImageShack.

Key features

It is worth to note that supported image formats have to be JPEG, GIF and PNG. BMP and TIFF image formats are automatically converted to PNG format. ImageShack Uploader enables to upload these images to ImageShack easily and quickly. All users need is to use drag and drop system or click on "Add" to browse the Mac. Once selected, they will be asked to select the size of the image with different choices such as Avatar size or Thumbnail size. ImageShack Uploader lets the user select tags, and privacy option (Public or Private). This program supports batch processing. There is no boundary on the number of images to upload. The image must have the right size and the right format to be uploaded to ImageShack. Before all processes, just as on the Website, users are asked to fill two boxes (login/email address and passwords). After that, the process can start.


ImageShack Uploader is practical and downloadable free of charge. It is available in several languages including French. It is compatible with Twitter.


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Alternative spelling: imageshack-uploader-2.2.0-2.2.0.dmg, imageshack-uploader-2.2.0.dmg

Latest update on September 23, 2016 at 12:58 PM.

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