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UltraEdit for Mac

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UltraEdit for Mac
Mac OS X, English
UltraEdit is a text editor that simplifies programming and project management. It is suitable for different programming languages.

Main features

Edition: This software includes a syntax highlighting option to differentiate the language used. It also allows to shape at will the appearance of the text according to the user wish. Several default themes are suggested to simplify editing.
Transfer: UltraEdit has a built-in FTP client. That allows to access various files via any server, edit, and save them. It supports a variety of protocols and allows synchronization to a remote server.
Correction: All text entered into this software is analyzed to modify detected error. The user is also able to carry out a comprehensive search to generate a list of files requiring correction.
Automation: The advantage with this program, is that it makes some macro and systematic script editing tasks. It just accessing the basic editing commands to do so. Concepts in Javascipt are indispensable for this.


It is convenient to use multi-function software.


Some features are available only with the paid version of the program.


Alternative spelling: UltraEdit_15.1.0.1.dmg

Latest update on May 29, 2015 at 09:43 AM.

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