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Inventoria for Mac

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Inventoria for Mac
Mac OS X - English

Inventoria for Mac is a program designed by NCH Software which helps the user in the management of his inventory. It can manage inventory by categories, sites and suppliers.

Key features

Managing: The software helps the user in ordering and receiving management. It offers him the possibility to create and send purchase order via email as well as keep information about the customers and suppliers. It warns him of the stock level.

Report: Inventoria for Mac has the ability to give the user a report of his inventory status. It gives detailed information about the date when an item was received and sold or its level as whole or in category.

Web access: With this feature of the program, the user can multiple businesses at the same time. It also offers his colleagues the possibility to access the inventory database in his computer by giving his password. Stock transferring is feasible too.


Inventoria for Mac does not take time to run once installed.

It allows importing current inventory with a .csv file.

It is a simple and easy to use software.


This is a shareware version.

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