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Wimpy Desktop FLV Player

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Wimpy Desktop FLV Player
Mac OS X - English
Using a program such as Wimpy Desktop FLV Player is helpful while reading multimedia files. It can also be used as an extension when integrated into a web page.

Main features

Import: It is quite simple to add a file to play in Wimpy Desktop FLV Player. To do so, the user will only have to perform a drag-and-drop of the selected data to the program's interface, and the file will automatically start playing.
Playlist: With this software, it is possible to create playlists to avoid having to drag-and-drop each item, everytime. The resulting playlist can be exported under different formats, such as TXT, XML as well as RSS.
Extension: This software can be embedded in a web page to serve as an online media player. It is however necessary to have a few web programming notions in order to make use of that feature.
Customization: The Wimpy Desktop FLV Player interface's skin color can be changed to the user's taste. Other customization options are allowed, such as changing the aspect of control buttons.


Downloading Wimpy Desktop FLV Player is entirely free.


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