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EasyPHP is a local server simulator that allows to test projects while developing a website. It has its own database manager.

Main features

Testing: EasyPHP can simulate a WEBserver to launch a site as if it was on line. Testing all the features of the site are therefore possible and changes can be done if needed.

Managing: the site's data are saved in a database in the resources of the application. It is possible to explore them directly through graphic interface display by accessing to MySQL administration option.

Queries : this software shows as well a control panel using SQL language. This will help to launch queries via keyboards. Important to note that commands can be saved for future use.

In-lining: The Web server Apache is included in the EasyPHP package. This offer possibility to transfer website data to a remote server, in order to launch it on-line.


EasyPHP is available on free download.


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Alternative spelling: EasyPHP-3.0-setup.exe
Latest update on June 1, 2015 at 05:45 AM.
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easy php s/w not download what problem tell me redirected another page pls give me s/w.
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