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When you notice that your Mac begins to slow down or crashes down in the middle of any task, it may happen that its hard drive is being cluttered by some useless files. Then, you can use cleaning program for PC such as CleanMyMac.

Key features :

  • Cleaning: CleanMyMac is mainly meant to clean Mac's hard drives. It apparently allows deleting files and folders which are no longer used. The software is also able to wipe out residual traces after an application uninstalling or empty folders deleting.
  • Handling: CleanMyMac is easy to use. There are neither cleaning drive skills nor OS formatting required for handling it. For deleting useless files, you just have to indicate the path to the folder you want to deal with. Once done, the software will manage to find files to delete in a few moments.
  • Customization: apart from all features mentioned above, CleanMyMac can also be customized according to your personal options. Thus, you will be able to accurately set how it is going to work for deleting and searching files.


  • You can get this application for free.
  • It is useful.
  • It comes with a user-friendly and an intuitive interface.


  • It is just a trial version.
  • It is quite heavy and use a lot of CPU resources.
Alternative spelling: CleanMyMac3-3.0.dmg, CleanMyMac3.dmg
Latest update on April 9, 2015 at 12:12 PM.
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