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MyPublicWiFi turns a computer into a virtual WiFi hotspot. It directly provides it with a firewall as well as a file locking and tracking system.

Key Features

Connection: This software offers the ability to connect simultaneously various devices to a PC. Each one will be able to receive the WiFi signal. The application also displays all connected computers with detailed information about them such as IP address, for example.

Network access: for quick access to a network, it is required to enter the user's name in the field intended for that (SSID) and password of 8 characters. It is possible to select the connection from those available in the drop down menu.

Security: the password system used by this program helps securing the connection. MyPublicWiFi also uses WPA2 encryption protocol to optimize this protection. It can also restrict access to certain websites and services.

Saving option: to monitor all operations on the network, MyPublicWiFi suggests saving all connected sessions. Then, it becomes possible to identify all activities and visited URLs.


It is not only practical but also powerful.
It is easy to install and to use.


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Alternative spelling: MyPublicWiFi-5.1.exe, MyPublicWiFi.exe
Latest update on April 27, 2015 at 07:03 AM.
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It's an effective software.
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