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Efficient Calendar Portable

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3.55 Build 350
Efficient Calendar Portable
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 - English

Efficient Calendar is already a well-known program for time management and Efficient Calendar Portable is its portable version.

Key Features

  • Portability: Efficient Calendar Portable as told above is the portable version of Efficient Calendar. It does not require any installation to run. All the user has to do is to download and bring this program in multimedia devices such as a USB key, memory card and more.
  • Notification: since this is a portable version, a notification will inform users at the right time about an important event. It can be an anniversary, a special event, etc.
  • Interface: so as to meet users' needs, Efficient Calendar Portable has been featured with eight interface styles (8). At any time, users can change the colour styles (green, blue, metallic, vista standard and XP standard.).
  • Security: even portable, information stored in Efficient Calendar Portable's database is sure to be kept secure. Functions such as Backup and Restore can help during data transfer and management.
Alternative spelling: EfficientCalendarFree-Port-3.55 Build,
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