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Tune Sweeper is a program especially designed to clean up iTunes music library by removing duplicate files. It also enables to add more music tracks on the computer into iTunes.

Key Features

  • Find and remove duplicates: Tune Sweeper's main feature is to search for duplicates on iTunes Library. Looking for these files manually will be time consuming. Thanks to this tool, they will be detected in a matter of seconds. Once found, users are given the ability to remove or keep them.
  • Missing track: it happens that a file link of iTunes Library just cannot be played; contents are missing. Tune Sweeper can search for these missing tracks and can replace them in no time. Thanks to this, users will no longer experience the exclamation marks appearing in iTunes again.
  • Add music: Tune Sweeper can scan the hard disk and seek for tracks that are not currently listed in iTunes Library. After that, a click of the mouse is enough to let display all details about additional music and the music itself.


  • The interface is well-designed and graphical.


  • Nothing to report.

Alternative spelling: TuneSweeper-3.07.dmg, TuneSweeper.dmg
Latest update on February 21, 2014 at 02:33 AM.
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Excellent iTunes duplicate remover for Mac. Takes the pain out of a tedious task.
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