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Mac OS X - English

CleanArchiver is a program that offers the ability to compress and decompress files. It was designed to be compatible with Mac computers.

Key Features

Archiving: CleanArchiver is able to compress files so as to reduce their size. By this way, they become lighter and occupy less space on the computer's storage unit. It also makes it easier to upload them on Internet.

Decompression: CleanArchiver can also deal with decompressing ZIP files. That is helpful for opening email attachments. Indeed, this program supports almost all standard formats such as gzip, bzip2 or zip.

Settings: the user is also allowed to adjust custom settings. For example, he can activate the auto-overwrite option. In such case, the software does not ask for confirmation before overwriting the existing file with the new one of the same name.


CleanArchiver is available in multilingual version including French, Japanese German and English.

It is lightweight and its execution does not impact on the computer's performance.

The download and use of this software is entirely free of charge.


There is nothing special to notice.

Alternative spelling: CleanArchiver-3.0a6.dmg, CleanArchiver.dmg
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