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Mac OS X - English

Clarion is a utility designed by Red Sweater Software. Its main purpose it to fine-tune one's musical ear through a series of tests.

Key Features

Tests: Clarion includes various quizzes for testing one's skills at recognizing musical intervals. This method proves to be very practical and effective for learning music theory and significantly improves musical ear.

Customizable: with Clarion, it is possible to customize learning. Indeed, it allows the user to choose instruments, scales and octaves that are most important to him. He is also free to set different configurations and easily switch between them.

Practice piano: Clarion not only offers to learn musical intervals by listening to them, it also includes a feature called "Practice piano" where to learn to play these intervals. The user is free to hide this option if he does not require it.

Handling: this utility is simple and easy-to-use. Its implementation does not require any specific knowledge in computing. All features are accessible directly from the main interface so as the user does not get lost with all tabs.


This tool is lightweight and its execution does not impact on the computer's performance.


This is a shareware version.

Alternative spelling: Clarion-2.0.1.dmg, Clarion.dmg
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