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Dream Match Tennis Online

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Dream Match Tennis Online
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Tennis has a rich and long history filled with all kinds of exciting players such as Pete Sampras, Steffi Graf, Caroline Wozniacki, Novak Djokovic, Serana Williams, and more. Even if you cannot become like one of them, Dream Match Tennis Online is a game that allows you to play tennis via a video game.

Key Features

  • Game modes: concerning the game mode, users have four modes on choice. They can choose to play “Exhibition” mode where a match can be played between one or two characters (human against computer). The second one is “Challenge” mode where a single-player is using a character that must beat 4 randomly chosen characters. The third one is when the character has to play against computer controlled opponents around the world. The last one is when the player has the possibility to “practice” any kind of shot with any character.
  • Court surface: Dream Match Tennis Online has three court surfaces where the player can make a choice about where to play. They include Clay courts (like one of Grand Slam), Grass courts which is becoming rare and last, hard courts.
  • Players: as for the player, users can play against another player or against the computer. Since the release of the game, the number or characters has risen to 12 including R. Ford (based on Roger Federer), R. Nelson (based on Rapael Nadal), P. Scott (based on Pete Sampras), S. Gibson (based on Steffi Graf) and much more that you can discover once you download and install the game.
  • Levels: Dream Match Tennis Online has seven computer levels in which players are allowed to pick the character of his/her choice: R. Nelson (based on Rapael Nadal), P. Scott (based on Pete Sampras), S. Gibson (based on Steffi Graf), etc.


  • Dream Match Tennis Online requires a more realistic depiction of what tennis really is.
  • Players can play with other online players.


  • In the trial version, the player just has to select one character in the online game with 5minutes for exhibition and challenge.
Alternative spelling: DreamMatchTennisOnlineSetup-2.29.exe, DreamMatchTennisOnlineSetup.exe
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