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Windows 7 Manager is a program that can improve the performance of this operating system. It can provide information about the system, clean and optimize it.

Key Features

Information: once installed on the Microsoft OS, Windows 7 Manager performs a deep analysis of the latter to display information about it. Details can be thread on the machine and all running processes at the time it is installed.

Cleaner: if there are files and folders that are taking too much space on the hard drive, Windows 7 Manager can immediately detect them. More than that, duplicate files, residual and junk files can be removed from the system.

Repair and optimization: since the program's Cleaner function can check and repair incorrectly linked Registry entries, the PC is increasing in terms of performance. Starting and shutting down the computer is done easily and quickly and all errors are repaired.

Security tools: the access to some drives and programs can be restricted by the user of Windows 7 Manager. It is possible to encrypt and decrypt a file in a given location on the system. Some folders can also be selected and secured in a given location.


  • Windows 7 Manager can optimize network and internet connection speed.
  • It can split and merge files.


  • Nothing to report.


Alternative spelling: windows7manager-5.0.2.exe, windows7manager.exe

Latest update on November 28, 2014 at 09:32 AM.

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