Atomic Email Hunter

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Atomic Email Hunter
Windows XP, Windows Vista, English
Collecting e-mail addresses of potential customers is the key factor for a successful e-marketing. Atomic Email Hunter is a tool for that. In fact, it is an email extractor that has especially been designed for collecting e-mail addresses as well as user's names from web sites using HTTP protocol.

Key Features

For a basic search, users just have to supply a URL or some keywords. Researches last about 34 minutes for a result of 216 e-mail addresses. Users just have the choice of typing an URL or typing a keyword related to the address e-mail needed. There is also another option for an advanced search. First of all, just click on "File" menu. Then, after supplying an URL or some keywords, you can specify some URL filtering rules or page content filtering as well as authentication details. So as to avoid too many results, the software proposes to save one e-mail per line or all e-mail addresses in one line. This is very useful when you want to use them in Outlook or other e-mail client. You can also filter the result by countries or zones that will be probably speeding up the search. Collected e-mail addresses and names can be exported to a Word or Excel document easily.


Flexible, easy to use, with rapid search. Users can create their own search script. Can work thanks to proxy servers.


Export option is limited.


Alternative spelling: AtomicEmailHunter_444_setup.exe

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