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Mac OS X - French

iConquer is a software game that makes you relax, visit the world without leaving your computer and boost your intelligence as well.

Key features

  • Game : iConquer allows many players to play alone or by network. Then, it can record the scores for comparisons and for making progress due to the statistic data, charts and detailed analysis of the game provided by the software. The goal of the game is to have many countries by eliminating the enemies.
  • Educational : while using this software, players can know the different continents in the world, the countries in each continent and even the details of one map that may interest the players. The saved games can be reviewed from time to time for better assimilation.
  • Easy : the software gives clear instructions on how to play the game. Of course, the player can choose either to play alone, meaning against the computer, or on network. Then, the players can manually choose the countries or let the software do it instead.
  • Social network : if the players are more confident about their skills, they can switch to a larger competition that gives access to players with advanced level and that will lead into getting a new experience.
  • Other options : a multilingual software which is available in English, German, French, Italian, and Dutch. Also, the colorful display will help the players make clear distinction between each continent, the states and their famous cities.

System requirements

  • The software supports Mac OS X.
  • Memory : 9 MB
  • 64 Bit Universal Application


  • A shareware version that allows you to play and improve historical and geographical knowledge at the same time!
  • The software is free but just for a while and for extended use, a subscription is required.
Alternative spelling: iConquer40.dmg
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