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In general, when looking for a video on YouTube, it displays multiple versions. Thus, it takes more time to get your hands on the one you really want. iTube can organize your favourite YouTube videos or songs.

Key Features

  • Creating a playlist: to facilitate the management and viewing of your videos or songs on YouTube, iTube is able to proceed with the creation of a playlist. So then, justyou're your favorite songs and movies that you want to watch.
  • Player: apart from creating a playlist, iTube incorporates a drive giving the user the ability to play videos and songs. Thus, it can look at them into a small window. Moreover, iTube can easily be moved around the screen.
  • Interface: what differentiates iTube from other counterpart software is its being easy to use. Indeed, the editor is featured with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Therefore, all actions can be taken swiftly.


  • iTube is lightweight and does not consume memory resources.


*This is a demo version.
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It has an easy interface that can be relocated anywhere on your desktop.
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