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Mac OS X - English
Snapflow has been designed to be compatible with Mac computers. This is a program that offers the ability to capture images from videos.

Key Features

Player: Snapflow is provided with a built-in player with which to playback source videos. This tool supports almost all popular formats including Quicktime, MPEG, AVCHD, HDV, SD and over more.

Image grabber: in order to grab images from a specific video, the user is offered a practical tool that is the search module. The process requires selecting a specific frame into the video by using a mosaic of frame samples and then capturing.

Annotation: Once the pictures captured and stored into the default destination folder, it is possible to add comment on each one. Adding dates as weel as rating are also allowed.

Preview: this feature of Snapflow makes it easier to view all snapshots and to compare their quality. By this way, the user ensures to keep the best ones and get rid of all unnecessary elements if he wants.


Snapflow has an intuitive interface that makes its handling easy.
It is also provided with some image enhancement filters to be applied to pictures.


This is a shareware version.


Alternative spelling: snapflow-1.03.dmg, snapflow.dmg
Latest update on March 27, 2015 at 05:21 AM.
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