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Mac OS X - English

What could be great than having to send multiple emails in just one click? AutoMailer has been designed for that. Its other features are useful for company that needs to send serialized emails.

Key features

Document based: The program is document based in which the user can save data and use them in the future. The number of data is not limited and is flexible for the user to use.

Customization: AutoMailer gives the possibility to set the program according to the user's needs. He can for instance use the "Except List" where the emails that will never be sent are placed. The addresses are not also considerable in other documents.

Log area: The software has a log area where all the operations made are recorded. Whether the user did preparations or sends emails, they are all stored inside this option. The user can also clear it by clicking on the "Clear Log" button.


AutoMailer has an easy-to-use interface.

Emails in HTML and TEXT formats can be sent.

It also offers the possibility to import and export documents to/from various sources.


This is a shareware version of AutoMailer.

Alternative spelling: automailer-2.2.2.dmg, automailer.dmg
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