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Mac OS X - English

ASFRecorderX is a software designed by Misawa and which is a powerful and efficient video and audio recorder. This version is reserved for Mac users.

Key Features

Recording; this program is able to capture all sounds coming out from the computer. The user just has to play a song in the background and then press the "Rec" button to start the process and "Stop" to end it.

Audio and video stream: ASFRecorderX also includes a feature for capturing audio and video streams from Internet. It then helps to easily obtain movies and music from any kind of Websites such as YouTube, Dailymotion or any other streaming site.

Encoding: ASFRecorderX also offers the ability to convert recorded files into ASF format. By this way, it makes it possible to play them with Windows Media Player or any other media player that does not support FLV format.


ASFRecorderX supports downloading MMS and ASX streams.

This software is downloadable for free.

It offers an intuitive interface that makes its handling easy.

It is lightweight and requires only few RAM resources.


Nothing special to report.

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