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Linux, English
Rosegarden is a program for editing MIDI files and enables to compose music. It offers several tools for music notation. It is developed by Chris Cannam and D Michael Mclnt.

Key Features

  • Music composition: this program puts at its users' disposal several tablatures helping in music notation. It is up to the user to put each note on the appropriate location in order to obtain the needed sound for the creation.
  • Library: Rosegarden supports a wide range of musical instruments. For instance, it includes a library of sound (Winds, Percussion, Violino...) that allows users to complete the creation. It is possible to attach information to each creation and save them in the database.
  • Editing: in case the user wants to bring enhancement to a given audio file, Rosegarden grants them with several tools. It is possible to base edition on a score if needed. A virtual piano is available on the interface of the program to help in this task.


  • Rosegarden can be downloaded and played free of charge.
  • A built-in player enables to play the score in real time and then bring enhancement if needed be.
  • This program supports more than 100 virtual musical devices.


  • Nothing to report.


Alternative spelling: rosegarden-14.02.tar.bz2

Latest update on June 20, 2014 at 07:42 AM.

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