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Power2Go 9 Platinum

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Power2Go 9 Platinum
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 - English

Power2Go 9 Platinum is a rich-featured disk burning tool that is also packed with an option for downloading data from the Web. It can also mount and view ISO discs.

Key Features

Burning: files have to be dragged to this program so that they can be burnt on DVD, CD or Blu-ray discs. It can also be configured to split the project across several discs. Power2Go 9 Platinum supports large amount of data.

Media download: Power2Go 9 Platinum makes it simple to download and at the same time back up media files from the Web to the hard drives. They are encrypted (256-bit encryption) and can be directly saved on discs.

System protection: this program is going far beyond expectation. In fact, it can create a file back up of the Windows operating system. Thanks to this, in case of failure or computer mishandling, data can be recovered thanks to Power2Go 9 Platinum.


  • Power2Go 9 Platinum enables to create photo gallery discs.
  • It supports Facebook, YouTube and Flickr.
  • DVD menus can be customized with thousands of templates available.


  • This is only the trial version.
Alternative spelling: CyberLink_Power2Go_Downloader-9.exe, CyberLink_Power2Go_Downloader.exe
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