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SQL Export

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SQL Export
Windows XP - English
SQL Export is a database application which allows you to view and export data formats like : CSV, HTML, TXT, XLS, XML .You can create visually and manually queries and format the output of the individual fields .It also allows you to save and re-use the database connections , formatting and their requests .

The main advantage is that the program is compatible not only with the SQL Server but also with Microsoft access.
The program is easy to understand if you have the basic knowledge of SQL. Thus it can be used by almost anyone and executes the tasks rapidly.

It is a demo version which expires after 30 day's of use and so far it is available only in English. Also it need a minimum requirements.

Features of SQL Export
- Create queries
- Export data to: csv, html, txt, xls, xml or even your screen
- Format the output
- Save database connection, query and output formatting
- Compatible with Microsoft Access and SQL Server

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