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Velneo vDevelop

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Velneo vDevelop
Windows XP - English
Velneo vDevelop is a software meant for the development of management and database applications. It is done in a 32 bits multitask environment that is totally visual.

The program can implement the projects that have been built by the user
If you owe the license for the program, you can share it without any charges on the web and include your own project within it.

This software has been built only for Windows operating systems.

. Even with a great volume of information, it still allows high performance.
- Security and speed guarantee while accessing to databases.
- The application's development is 100% visual and does not lose any power nor versatility.
- From one application to another, the visual objects can be used again
- Binds coming from the different databases can be generated wisely and automatically.
- There are not very consequent hardware requirements.
. The resource consumption is not much.
- Objects of different lengths can be handled in data base fields: text, pictures .

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Alternative spelling: vDevelop-Setup.exe
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