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The days of office tools only compatible with Windows are over. Indeed, Linux users can now fully enjoy these programs' features by installing applications such as ThinkFree Office.

Key Features

Office utilities ThinkFree Office consists of all main office tools. "Write" offers the ability to perform word processing. Calc is a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel. Show looks like Microsoft PowerPoint and helps in creating presentations and animations.

Network installation: it is possible to install ThinkFree Office on a network using Power Tool. Thus, the synchronization of created or modified documents is easy. Using this option, you can open any document from an online account.

Compatibility: what is interesting with this application is that it is compatible with Windows files. Indeed, the user can open and edit documents created with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft PowerPoint.


This software has a simple graphical interface that makes its handling easy.

Other versions compatible with Mac and Windows platforms are available on the developers' website.


This version of ThinkFree Office is a 30 days trial.


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