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Theme Maker
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It is always pleasant to work on a customized computer. But it is not that easy to have the entire screen components homemade. Henceforth, with Theme Maker, you can fastly build up your themes for Windows.

Key features

Theme Maker is a kind of tool box which enables you to create theme according to your desired comfort. To do this, you only have to capture an image you want, to be your next wallpaper, icon or your next cursor. Once captured, selected images might undergo some changes and manipulations. Firstly, Theme Maker comes with drawing options, quite basic but still useful to add some customized edition to an image or to start from scratches. After, you can add transparent parts and change some setting (color, and so forth) to get your item fully original. There are several ways to export your work. Indeed, Theme maker provides the ability to save you freshly created theme as an EXE files. This way makes its installation easier and faster than using the Windows display setting


It comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It gives the ease to change start up and shut down sound.


It is a Demo version.


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its good

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