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Handy print is an application that enables Mac users to print documents from mobile phones. These latter are connected to the computer via Bluetooth system.

Key Features

Connection: after Handy print has been installed on the computer, it detects and displays all mobile phones with activated Bluetooth around there. After that, the program tries to connect with them to allow sharing of data.

Printing: after the connection, all available printers on the network will be displayed in the mobile's control panel. The user only has to select the one he wants to use and start the printing process of his documents.

Supported formats: once detected by the mobile phone, the user will be able to print any documents stored in his mobile device. We can cite among others, power point, PDF, Word and many others.


Handy print can be used and downloaded for free.
It is able to automatically detect all printer connected to the network.


It is not compatible with any other operating system except iOS4.3, iOS5 and iOS6


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