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Exportizer Pro

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Exportizer Pro
Windows XP Windows Vista - English
Exportizer Pro is a utility used to transfer files to a database. It has the ability to convert these documents into another format on the fly.

Main features

Treatment: the opus is able to open any file supported by ADO, BDE, or In-terbase/Firebird data libraries. Documents can be either copied to Clipboard or printed directly from the interface of the program.

Conversion: what distinguishes Exportizer Pro, it is the fact that it encodes documents to other formats at the same time that it exports. A JPG format image for example can be converted and moved directly to HTML.

Management: exports are carried out via the interface or from a command line. It is possible to choose to move either the entire contents of a folder or only selected files. It also supports the transfer of some or all tables of a da-tabase only.


Exportizer Pro is lightweight and consumes little memory.


This is an evaluation version with a timeout of 15 days.
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Latest update on June 2, 2015 at 09:45 AM.
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