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ESF Database Convert

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6.0.32 (latest version)
ESF Database Convert
Windows XP Windows Vista - English

ESF Database Convert is a converting application that converts database .This application can converts MySQL , SQL Server , PostgreSQL , Access , Oracle , Excel , SQLite , FireBird , InterBase , Visual Foxpro ,Paradox , Lotus , Dbase and text .You can also convert database with DNS .

This application can convert any database without difficulties.
The program provides all the required conversion options.
It provides you a wizard to guide you through the process.

It is a shareware version that expires after 10 times of use .
So far it is available only in English .

Features of ESF Database Convert
It works rapidly
Supporting table LOB(large objects), Primary Keys, Indexes, Foreign Keys, Default Value and Auto-increment(Auto-ID)
You can change table/field name, data type, length, default value and etc, or filter data in converting
Supports UNICODE and automate converting between different character-sets e.g.: UTF8, LATIN, CP1250, ASCII.

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Alternative spelling: esf_dbcv_std.exe
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