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Superman Mod GTA4 is a software for video game. It gives the impression of flying as seen in the film.

Key features:

  • Interface : the software has a pleasant interface that is very attractive for the users. The scenes are very well shaped, colors correspond to the images, the surroundings look real and the proportionality is respected when Superman flies over the city.
  • Speed management : this video game allows the users to improve their intelligency due to the possibility to modify and manage speed in order to avoid unwanted or brutal landing down.
  • Quick manipulation : Users have to be very dexterous while playing this game. So, concentration should be at its high and hands have to move faster if possible. Consequently, there is a progress in e game experience.
  • Traveling : Superman Mod GTA4 allows the users to visit Liberty City through the computer screen. Users do not have to leave the chair to get that opportunity but just for a limited time.
  • Other options : There is a possibility to use mouse and for speed controlling, no background sound for vehicles, however, smoke after player can be seen.


  • An entertaining freeware that helps the users have the feeling to fly and moving faster.


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Latest update on September 20, 2012 at 01:17 AM.
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i like this games
master blaster
i hav downloaded it and its cool
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