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Webpage creation is not always easy without the appropriate tool. Fourth World Media Corporation has developed WebMerge, a software used for generating static webpages. Detailed below are some of its features.

Key features

Operation: The software is capable of operating on large databases. It supports various information storage types, including those which are generated with Microsoft Access and FileMaker. This program extracts the different data in the database and places them in a HTML file.

Setting: WebMerge allows the user to customize the export process preformed by the software. It offers the possibility to change the resulting appearance of the webpage by defining the number of columns that need to be displayed for instance.

Posting: Once the creation process is done, this utilitarian offers the possibility to post the created webpage online. This is doable thanks to the integrated FTP client which allows connecting on remote server and placing the original files there.


The software gives option for complete automation.

It allows the user to build custom templates by using HTML editor.


This is a trial version of WebMerge.

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